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RUNNING RECORD SHEET. Student Grade Date. Recorder School. Accuracy.Phrasing and Fluency: (circle appropriate descriptors). 97% 100% ... M. S. V. M.S. V. End Time min. sec. Subtotal. Totals. 41409F
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Hi hunter how are you today good I would love to hear you read and I picked up this story for you called animal instincts by DM Longo an instinct is something you are born ready to do read to find out about the instincts dogs and cats have take your time when you get toward you don't know just do your best sounding it out ready and again when you were a baby you learn how to walk later you learn how to read and do many other things but some things you didn't need to learn when you were an infant for example no one had to teach you how to cry when you're hungry you were born knowing how to do that a baby's cry is one example of an end extinct a behavior that is built-in not learn different animals are formed with different instincts talking care dogs and cats have many individual behaviors some of their actions might seem out to us yet our family pets are behaving in exactly the same way as their ancestors did thousands of years ago to back us back so the dogs you know I are probably household pets and live indoors wild dogs have live impact groups and which animals live work and hunt together drugs in a pack depend on one another to survive so pack instinct is very strong the leader of the cap is the smartest dog the other dogs in the pack obey the leader this instinct is one reason that pet dogs are such divided family members dogs regard their human families as their packs and one family number as the leader of the pack very good excellent now this black square tells us that you're going to read the rest of the book quietly to yourself after that I'm going to ask you some questions about what you read okay okay so you'll go ahead and read that quietly and let me know when you're done okay all done now I'm going to ask you some questions about what you read and we know that that's all about comprehension right hunter tell me what you learned from the story about animal instincts that and animal instincts are like human instincts except because you don't need to teach some animals some instincts they just were born of them what else and that dog of the run after cars and stuff like that what's another example of an instinct you gave me one about a dog running after cars let's say a cat what would be an example of an instinct that the cat has turn to the glossary to the back of a book please what kind of information is this giving you it is giving me like doc what the words mean okay what else do you recognize any of those words from the reading yes you do all of them okay why don't we just read them ancestors avoided pounds right okay excellent why do you think instincts are important now we're thinking beyond the text here I think things are important because because if you didn't have instincts you won't know what to do okay for example know what to do what do you mean by that like when you were an infant you I tell you you're born with everything okay which was crap good keep going and now you know if you walk into someplace cold without...